If you are wanting to evaluate your research or innovation at pilot scale or are trying to validate your technology, WE Complement LLC has the necessary equipment and expertise to advance your research to the next level.

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1. Anaerobic Digestion

We have pilot scale anaerobic digesters with a capacity of 1200 gallons equipped with gas collection and analysis systems. A variety of feedstocks can be tested at this scale from wastewater sludge, dairy manure, organic food wastes to novel feedstocks. By-product quality of digestate can also be evaluated to determine optimum feasible value and achieve a renewable, closed-loop system.

2. Chemical reactors

WE Complement LLC has collaborated with pilot scale facilities with reactors, CSTR of capacity ranging from 500-1200 gallons equipped with process controls and expertise to test a range of chemical conversion technologies. These reactors can operate at high temperature and pressure and include onsite product separation and purification systems in addition to analytical equipment to measure titre and yield. 

3. Fermentation

We are capable of verifying your technology lab scale and/or evaluating at pilot scale with 20-1200 gallons capacity fermenters which are equipped with separation, purification and analytical systems.

4. Separation & Purification

Ship us your product stream and we can evaluate the best possible technology option by testing with our pilot scale systems which include 30 GPM Distillation, Ultrafiltration, and Reverse Osmosis units among others.